Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Solutions

Azeosoft specializes in data engineering and analytics services that help businesses harness the power of their data to drive growth and innovation. Our expert solutions enable you to extract insights from complex data sets and make informed decisions that transform your business. Explore our range of services and discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Data Engineering and Analytics Services

Web Scraping

Automated tools, Python, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Puppeteer, Playwright

Data Mining

Statistical techniques, Machine learning, Python, R, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn

Data Integration

Apache NiFi, Talend, Informatica, Microsoft Power Automate, Google Cloud Dataflow, AWS Glue

Data Science

Python, R, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Keras, Jupyter Notebook, Apache Zeppelin, SAS

Data Warehousing

Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark

Data Analytics

Python, R, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, AWS Kinesis

Data Visualization

D3.js, Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn, ggplot, Highcharts, FusionCharts, Chart.js

Machine Learning

Python, R, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Keras, Apache Spark MLlib, H2O.ai, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning


Web Scraping

Our web scraping services extract data from various online sources and transform it into structured data that can be used for analysis and decision-making.

Data Mining

Our data mining services use machine learning algorithms to discover hidden patterns and insights in your data, helping you make better business decisions.

Data Integration

We integrate data from various sources and formats to create a unified view of your organization's data.

Data Warehousing

We design and implement data warehouses to consolidate and analyze data from disparate sources, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Database Administration

We provide database administration services to ensure your databases are secure, highly available, and optimized for performance.

ETL Development

Our ETL development services help you extract, transform, and load data from various sources to create a unified and reliable data store.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization services help you understand complex data through interactive and visually appealing charts and graphs.

Data Modeling

We create data models to represent your organization's data and relationships, enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Cloud-based Analytics

We offer cloud-based analytics services to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions for storing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data.