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Company - Our Expedition So Far

Emerged in 2014, ITSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. Having started as a small Web Development company by the name of Azeosoft Web Technologies, we craved out excellence in different fields like, Digital Marketing, Branding Solutions ,Application & Software development , Hosting Services , Web Security…and many more. In Year 2021, we bifurcated the development services and named the new venture as - ITSOFT Agency with dedicated team of developers , Designers and Digital Marketing players to provide exclusive & enhanced level of experience to our clients.

Great strides have been made yearly towards developments & innovations ! Here is the complete journey so far…

November 2013

Incorporation | Website Development

Establishment year. Company incorporated by the name of Azeosoft Web Technologies, providing website development services.

September 2014

Web Hosting & Internet Marketing

Our clients came up with the concerns of Web Hosting & Marketing services, and we Decided to fulfill their Needs by launching Hosting [Shared] & Marketing Services.

Feb 2015

E-Commerce | Custom Softwares

E-commerce Development Services & Custom Software & Portals were added to the bucket with enhanced & advanced development teams.

May 2016

Server Hosting | 50+ Clients

Reached the first Milestone of serving delighted 50+ clients, the company unfurl with the services of Server Hosting [VPS, Dedicated, Game Servers, RDP, Shoutcast Radio].

March 2017

Web Security | Modules for Technologies

Providing Web Security to our Clients was the most needed achievement which we gained and introduced in 2017. We started development of our own modules for Web technologies.

August 2018

Blissful 100+ Clients | Hybrid Mobile App Development

Endeavoring with excellence, we earned 100+ blissful & elated clients. Coupling with PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, we launched Hybrid Mobile Application Development, competing with Ionic Technologies, using Framework7 & Cordova.

January 2019

Add On Technologies

Ever-emerging and changing technology inspired us to add on NodeJS, React Native, AngularJS & Python.

April 2020


Advancing in exceptionally colossal development, RTC & Web RTC were added to our quiver to meet real-time projects like Live Chats, Video Conferencing, Online Gaming, etc.

October 2021

250+ Ecstatic Clients | Dedicating the Development Arena under the name of ITSOFT

We aim to provide a delightful experience to our 250+ clients as we are not going to settle for less. ITSOFT evolved with a dedicated and exclusive team of Development part of Azeosoft Web Technologies. We have improved & enhanced our Modules, Security & Ethics of delighting our Clients with better innovations & technologies.

February 2022

Internet of Things (IoT)

New Technology emerged as IoT Development for meeting new market requirements for automating IoT Devices with Cloud or Non-Cloud Infrastructures. 3-D Model designing & assembling of Arduino-based processing units were delivered to new clients.

March 2023

Mobile Game Development Introduced

We have now introduced Game development using Unity2D/3D for various platforms such as Android & iOS, mainly 2D games. Soon we are going to start development in 3D and PC Games as well.

Meet the dedicated professionals who make things happen.

Nikhilesh Yadav

CEO & Founder

Vibhor Tripathi

Co-founder, Director

Sachin Chauhan

Co-founder, Director

Gurpreet Virk

International Relations

Nikhilesh Yadav

CEO & Founder

Vibhor Tripathi

Co-founder, Director

Sachin Chauhan

Co-founder, Director

Kumkum Chaturvedi

Senior HR

Nikhilesh Yadav

CEO & Founder

Vibhor Tripathi

Co-founder, Director

Sachin Chauhan

Co-founder, Director

Kumkum Chaturvedi

Senior HR

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